Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing the emcee and judges for the 2020 North Star Puppy & Handler Contests. Next, we introduce one of our judges, Timothy Whelchel (Pup Stripe)!

A member of Titans of the Midwest, Rudis-Mens’ Leather Society, St. Louis Pups & Handlers, Founder/Coordinator of STL PAHS in the Park and Co-Producer/Director of Education for Pup-Tent, Timothy Whelchel identifies as a pup and is Alpha of the Mukker Pack. He loves head scritches, cuddles, sweet tarts and the occasional scooby snack. As a community service pup, Timothy works with various organizations bringing good to his community. If he is at an event, most likely you will see him working in some form or another to help make it a success. Timothy advocates inclusion for all within the Pet Community and strives to build a true community wherever he goes. He flags gray and teddy bear on the right, houndstooth on the left, and occasionally black on both. His favorite fun is pulling out his floggers and having his pups take it as hard as he can give it.  Nothing is sexier than the sight and feel of a hot, red, welt covered back.