2023 NSPAH Emcee

Pup Figaro
Pup Figaro2014 Northwest Puppy, 2015 International Puppy
Figaro has been in the puppy play community for a long time. Legitimately, in dog years he’d be dead. Thankfully he ages in human years otherwise emceeing would be very awkward. Over the course of his years in the community Figaro has founded clubs, produced events, held titles, and been a general nuisance up and down the west coast of the United States, in Vancouver BC, and now in Chicago. Most notably Figaro has held the titles of Northwest Puppy 2014 and International Puppy 2015. He also was honored to receive the Pantheon of Leather (Canada) award for 2015.

Some his growing list of kinks include puppy play, flogging, and electro. You’ll often find him engaged in his favorite activities; singing, bootblacking, building Lego, spinning flags, sniffing out snickerdoodles, emceeing events, and giving Raidho (the best huspup an Alpha could ask for) scritches.