Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing the emcee and judges for the 2020 North Star Puppy & Handler Contests. First, we introduce our emcee, Pup Figaro!

A wild Figaro appeared! This rare doggomon is proud to be collared by Sir Miguel, brother to his packmates, and Dom to his pups. He can be found all over but, until a recent move to Chicago, appeared most frequently in his home region of the Pacific Northwest as a President & Founder of VAN-PAH, Co-Producer of Northwest Puppy & Handler, and Co-Founder of Project Touch Base. Special variants of this doggomon that you can collect are International Puppy 2015, Northwest Puppy 2014 and Pantheon of Leather Canadian Award (2015) winner. Scritches and snickerdoodles are super effective against this doggomon and his special attacks are Sing, Bootblack, and Flag Spin. When not in his doggoball he can be found hogging microphones all over and emceeing whenever possible.