Each Wednesday for the next six weeks, we will be introducing one of the judges for the inaugural North Star Puppy and Handler Contests. Our first judge is Jinx.

Jinx is 2019 Ms. Iowa Leather. A genderqueer individual that believes in mutual respect with all things, Jinx strives to embrace anyone that crosses her path with a smile and a warm hug. Almost ten years ago, Jinx found her way into the Kink and BDSM communities as a submissive. Very early on they realized that submission was only the tip of the iceberg, and proceeded to throw themselves in to the experiences that have influenced them today.

Through trials and errors, Jinx has found her polyamorous self with the help of a few partners along the way, found their inner bratty switch and constantly plays with their primal energies.

Also identifying as a service pup to her handler and partner, Jinx has a very commanding and attentive presence when in pup mode. At their first North Star Kennel Club mosh in Des Moines, they backed themselves in to a corner and watched all the pups play while they lazily laid quietly. They are super excited to help bring awareness to female/genderfluid/genderqueer pups across the nation, spreading their love for squeaky toys and beach balls with everyone.

image courtesy of Coit Photography