Each week for the next three weeks, we will be introducing one of the judges for the inaugural North Star Puppy and Handler Contests. Our next judge is Coleman.

Coleman is a dominant and handler who is based in the Twin Cities. He is a legacy member of the Ingram-Lile Leather family and now leads his own family. Coleman got his beginnings in leather when he went to a leather run to hear a talk on pup play and has loved their community ever since. He served on the NSKC board for two years and now currently operates as a full member of the club. As a Handler, he enjoys giving skritches, the occasional wrestling match, and helping his own  pup, current IPC: Pup Havok, work to increase educational outreach and growth for the community. Always pleased to see a wagging butt and a lolling tongue, this is Coleman’s first opportunity to serve as a judge for the community and eagerly awaits a great show!