Each Wednesday for the next four weeks, we will be introducing one of the judges for the inaugural North Star Puppy and Handler Contests. Our next judge is Sir Ivan.

Sir Ivan is International LeatherSIR 2016, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2016 and Minnesota LeatherSIR 2015.

Sir Ivan is committed to working with his community to expand the participation of people in leather and kink. This lead him to his involvement in founding and organizing BLUF Minneapolis and Twin Cities Rubbermen and to actively participate as a member and educator with Titans of the Midwest. More importantly, as a Latino, Sir Ivan is a fervent advocate for the visibility and leadership of people of color in leather. To this end, Sir Ivan helped create and is the President of Twin Cities Spectrum, a club for people of color interested in exploring leather and kink.

Sir Ivan is an active player and enjoys a wide range of kink interests but gray is his favorite hanky color. He is passionate about mentoring boys, educating on BDSM and discussing polyamory, leather families, and protocols.

image courtesy of Coit Photography